Response: The Campus 50 Challenge

Dear Andrew King,

CC: Daniel Cope, any challenge-hungry student

[Aside: Dear Reader, you may have seen that Andy King, who is one of my friends from our first-year English course and Warwick’s independent student newspaper, the Boar, wrote a blog post on his WordPress today challenging me to take part in his version of ‘The Campus 50 Challenge’. The following post is my response to his letter and of course, let one of us know if you wish to take part too!


Sian ‘Fearless’ Elvin]

I am delighted to hear that you have selected me as your competitor to race against you in completing this list of 50 tasks.

As we know each other well, I believe that not only are we able to be friendly and worthy competitors, but we will also be able to work together to achieve in some instances.

As I am the kind of person who wishes to get the most out of university life aside from my degree, I am confident in accepting your challenge.  I hope that we both will be able to complete the majority of these things over the course of our Warwick experience, if not all of them.

I understand the rules you have set out. I further ask two more things of you to allow us to undertake this challenge:

1. We both have a copy of the list of challenges on our blogs, which we will keep regularly updated, along with written evidence (and photos, if applicable) of our achievements.

2. We cannot say we have ‘completed’ a task until the other one of us approves that the achievement in question is valid. We shall post the list with everything we have completed so far on WordPress over the next few days, and we shall have an initial approval. Following this we are required to update each other on subsequent achievements, using Daniel Cope or any other witness to prove our claims should the other one of us question them.

Providing you are fine with the amendments and extra points I have suggested, I shall see you during the challenge.

Yours in competition,

Sian Elvin

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