Goals for year two

So, on Tuesday I am moving into my new house in the lovely Leamington Spa. Away from home, back to university again, and this year, as my degree counts, I’m going to have to be a proper grown-up. Oh dear.

Anyway, aside from the Campus 50 Challenge of course, I have set myself a few goals to achieve over the next academic year. I thought that if I published them here, then I’d hopefully do them, as it would make me feel guilty if I didn’t… So here goes.

  • Work hard towards my degree. This is a difficult one to measure, so the way I will do this is to ensure that I go to all of my lectures and seminars (unless I have a serious reason not to go, e.g. illness), use the library effectively, do my reading and hand in all of my assignments on time. I aim to achieve a 2:1 for this year.
  • Continue to work hard for the Boar. I want to build up my news team and get to know some fabulous freshers, recruit a couple of new deputies and start some training sessions. And of course, continue to publish some cracking stories.
  • Get involved with one more society on campus. I am heavily involved with the Boar and RaW already, but I want to give another one a go – hopefully WTV.
  • Get healthy. I want to cut all of the rubbish out of my diet and start running at least twice a week. I WILL do this.
  • Work on managing my money. Create a weekly budget, and STICK TO IT – I don’t have the money to overspend anymore.
  • Go to bed earlier. I will have to get up and commute to campus every morning. I can’t do that on the same amount of sleep I had last year.
  • Focus on the responsibilities I already have. Make sure that I can work at my absolute best and if I can’t, make sure that I cut down the amount I’m doing. And anything new I take on, I must cut down on something else – this includes if I join a new society.
  • Develop my new sections. I am in charge of new sections for Kettle Magazine and the Student Journals, so I want to develop these to the best of my ability.
  • Get to know new people. I will do this mainly through my societies.
  • Maintain the friendships I already have. Know who is important to me and show them that. This includes friends both at home and at university.
  • Make enough time for family. It only takes a phone call home every now and then.
  • Don’t moan about buses. For seven years I had to commute to school, so I know that having to commute to campus won’t really gel with me. But I must remain calm, or I will go crazy.
  • Go to another new country. Hopefully I will be going to Italy with Ebony Perkins. Watch this space.
  • Watch more student theatre. Or music, performance, opera, whatever. I’m only at university once and I really need to make the most of that Arts Centre.
  • Continue to watch Doctor Who. This is in support of my friend Daniel Cope, who would never forgive me otherwise.
  • Bake more. I have Lillian Hingley and ‘The Great British Bake Off’ as inspiration for this one.
  • Do something for charity. I am looking at a skydive. Again, watch this space.

That’s everything I can think of for now, and packing awaits – I will come back to this if I can think of any more. Wish me luck for year two!

Published by Sian Elvin

Journalist and editor from the UK.

7 thoughts on “Goals for year two

  1. Bravissima Sian! These are pretty similar to my goals too… maybe we can work on motivating each other if we slack on our resolutions (read: you motivating me, because of my general laziness) Also OMG can I come to Italy too? It’s my favourite country to visit, and I learned some Italian last year – almost none of which I retained, but being in the actual country might motivate me to maintain it somewhat!


  2. Good luck. I am sure you can reach and achieve all these goals you are setting yourself as you have good work ethics but don’t run yourself ragged trying to do everything.


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