Sian does stuff for TeachFirst

So this term I am raising money for TeachFirst, a charity which aims to end inequality in education, in association with Warwick Inspire.

For my fundraising campaign I am launching a two-pronged attack, by setting myself both a physical challenge and a mental challenge.

The mental challenge will be myself undertaking a sponsored silence on Monday 16 June 2014. I have chosen this day because that is when I will be laying up my student newspaper, the Boar, which is arguably when I am at my loudest (sorry, SUHQ). Anyone who knows me well will understand how much of a challenge this will be for me!

The rules of the silence are as follows:

  • The silence will take place from midnight on the 16th until the midnight at the end of the day (a full 24 hours).
  • I am only allowed to break the silence if there is a serious emergency, i.e. myself or someone in the vicinity requires immediate medical attention. I will then repeat the challenge on a different day.
  • I may not communicate with anyone over Facebook, Twitter, or by using any other technological means. I am however allowed to schedule tweets about my silence the day before I do it, so they publish on the day.
  • I can respond to a yes/no question by nodding or shaking my head, and if someone needs help with something on InDesign I can help by way of demonstration, instead of telling them in any way.
  • I am not allowed to write anything down on paper either. The only thing I am allowed to do is carry around a card which says “on a sponsored silence, sorry” just in case a random stranger asks me a question, and they think I’m being rude by ignoring them.
  • Each time I slip up and speak over the 24 hours, I have to donate £10 to the cause I am raising money for.

If anyone spots any loophole I’ve missed, please let me know!

The physical challenge (and arguably for me, possibly the easier challenge of the two) is that I will be climbing Snowdon with Warwick Inspire in one day, on Tuesday 24 June 2014.

You can donate here. Please do so – it’s a fantastic cause and we’d really appreciate it!

Photo: W_Minshull / Flickr

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