Iago’s secret blog #2

Well, I know that Cassio loves Desdemona. I also know that she loves him too. But what’s a bit of exaggeration, eh?! Honest Iago. I mean, I love her too. I’d especially like to bed her as revenge for Othello bedding Emilia. Wife for wife, know what I’m saying?

But let’s be honest – Othello’s in the way. He’s loving, noble and true, and there’s no way his wife would ever cheat on him with either Cassio or myself. So instead, just in case I can’t sleep with Desdemona, I’ve encouraged Roderigo to have an argument with Cassio. That’ll stir up enough chaos that Othello will suspect Desdemona of infidelity and start to become jealous. He’ll start to rely on me more and reward me. Time to make the Moor mad.

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