Review: Apple iTouch 6

After the horror of leaving my beloved circa-2012 iTouch 5 on a bus in Uganda, it became apparent that I’d have to invest in Apple’s latest model of the product. What a shame.

So I decided to review the iPod Touch 6 for you, and let you know whether it’s worth the upgrade.

Out with the old

The truth is, by the time I’d lost my iTouch 5, it was making me grumpier than attempting to log on to my mum’s Windows XP system. I had recently upgraded to iOS 8 and it completely ruined my iPod. The battery couldn’t even last a train journey, and every app I opened – particuiTouch 6 1larly the ones that relied on WiFi – crashed almost immediately. I’d given up trying to sync new music to the darn thing and stuck to the same reliable Red Hot Chili Peppers album instead.

On the iTouch 6 however, iOS 8 is everything I had ever dreamed of. Flicking between apps could not be smoother, even when I have 30 open at a time. Photos and videos looks sharp on its four-inch retina display and it syncs all my data in under 10 minutes, when it used to take 10 hours on the iTouch 5. My battery has lasted two days, two recorded runs with music, and extended WiFi use. And it’s still going strong.

New and improved music

Aside from the smoother operating system, the new music app is a thing of beauty. Apple has really upped its game by marketing new product Apple Music within the app, and instead of the advertising being intrusive, it’s actually quite subtle. iTouch 6 2You can flick between downloaded music and suggested tracks and videos on each artist selection, below high-quality artwork of each singer. If you’ve rated and “loved” your tracks too, there’s a personalised “for you” section which allows you to tune straight in to your preferences on Apple Music. And with a free three-month trial followed by a £9.99 a month subscription, it’ll be a huge competitor for Spotify soon enough.

The verdict

If you’re ready to chuck your old iTouch or iPod out of a window because it can’t deal with iOS 8, then the upgrade to the smarter and slicker iTouch 6 is certainly for you, especially at the reasonable price of £159 for the 16GB model. It may not be packed with new features, but getting involved with the Apple Music race is worth it, in my opinion. The world of streaming has got an exciting few months ahead.

Featured photo: Andrew (nez) / Flickr
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