Below is a sample of some of my story highlights from throughout my career. They are from websites at both a local and national level, and include a range of styles such as interviews, features, opinion, video and data analysis. I consider no subject out of bounds for my work, and some of the articles selected are exclusives which won awards. My full portfolio can be found on Contently and my showreel is here.

Pride Week series for LGBT+ awareness

I launched a mini-series called ‘Future of Pride’ as part of Metro.co.uk’s Pride Week, which celebrated LGBT+ people in the month of June – recognised as Pride Month worldwide.

I wrote four exclusive features where I interviewed members of the next generation of queer people and highlighted the challenges facing the community in years to come.

The seven signs that you may have ‘long Covid’

For this piece I spoke to some medical experts to find out about the symptoms of long Covid, when the long-term impact of coronavirus was relatively unknown.

Beat Heartbreak Forever campaign

I launched a solo campaign for the Metro website, in partnership with the British Heart Foundation, to encourage people to donate to the charity following a lack of funding as a result of the pandemic.

Here is a Twitter thread promoting the five exclusive stories I wrote for the campaign, raising awareness of heart-related diseases.

An entire town in Wales is trying to rescue a cat which is stuck up a tree

For a fun, light-hearted piece I spoke to a woman running a rescue mission to get a cat down from the top of a 40ft tree.

We were the first publication to get an interview, although a number of national and local news websites covered the story.

The dangers of living in lockdown in flats covered in flammable cladding

I interviewed a resident living in a flat covered in ‘Grenfell-style’ cladding through the lockdown – when it should have been removed three years on from the disaster – and the impact this is having on people.

‘Londoners have proved our city will never break’

After a shocking afternoon reporting on the London Bridge terror attack of 2019, I reflected on what happened and how London’s resolve will never be shaken.

Heartbreaking reason a young couple and their friends have been placing tiny windmills everywhere

I interviewed a mum in her home just weeks after she had a stillbirth for an emotional story to show how she is remembering her daughter and to raise awareness of a topic which many are still hesitant to talk about.

UK firms answering Government’s call for PPE now can’t sell them a single face mask

I interviewed a number of businesses about how they created capacity to produce millions of pieces of PPE – to be left out in the cold and have their offers totally rejected.

Coronavirus daily infections hit record high in 22 European countries

I analysed data of the number of daily coronavirus infections since March 2020 in every country in Europe to determine the areas which had seen their highest ever number of cases.

We were the first news outlet to check and confirm this information.

Pilot fears easyJet passengers ‘could be unsafe’ if sickness records decide job cuts

I anonymously interviewed an easyJet pilot after being tipped off that an individual’s absence record could be one of the criteria used to help make decisions about redundancies.

‘Why every Londoner should visit their local mosque’

I visited a local mosque and wrote an opinion piece in light of recent Islamophobia and the fact there was a huge Muslim community right on my doorstep.

I was interviewed about Islamophobia on international television, for a broadcast channel based in Turkey, off the back of this story.

The struggle of having to live on just £1 a day

I lived on £1 a day – below the poverty line – and made a video diary of my experiences to highlight how people in the UK are still living in hunger.

I visited my local foodbank to learn more about what it does and also raised almost £400 for the charity through my story.

International Women’s Day: The next 100 years

I used immersive reading software Shorthand to illustrate my project looking back at 100 years of suffrage in my local newspaper patch.

It includes history, interviews with modern activists, infographics, a short video montage and Facebook Live footage.