Measuring my time at Warwick

How have I measured my first year at Warwick? That’s a very good question.

I was initially tempted to say trips to the post room – there have been far too many considering I live at the other end of campus – or perhaps Tesco visits and crying because I’ve spent more money on alcohol than food. Or what about washing loads? At £2 per go I have had another reason to weep. But honestly, my experience is all of it. I’ve measured it in moments: some were typical, like my first night out with my flatmates, and my first meal. Some were slightly more unusual, such as celebrating Diwali, and the time our kitchen got so dirty we dumped everyone’s washing up in a trolley. Trick-or-treating our sub-warden on Halloween night, the time we played ‘centurion’ and when I (embarrassingly) achieved my first tick on the ‘Chunder Chart’. And career achievements of course: like my first satisfying grade on an essay and the first time I saw the Boar published under my editorship of the news section. Some of them will happen again, but many won’t. However, as long as I don’t appear on the ‘Chunder Chart’ again, I’m really excited to find out what excellent moments Warwick has in store for me next year!

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