University of Warwick says: get Lost!


Societies at the University of Warwick have launched a brand-new event called Lost to raise money for a local charity.

Students will be sponsored by friends and relatives to take a coach to a random, unknown location and will attempt to get back to University campus within 36 hours.

The catch is, they cannot spend any money on their journey, and have to rely on methods of hitchhiking and asking for free transport in order to get home.

Societies Warwick Jailbreak and Warwick Raising and Giving (RAG) have collaborated to offer this event to students, which is both entertaining and charitable.

Participants aim to raise as much money as possible for the Bath Place Community Venture in the town of Leamington Spa, where many Warwick students live during term-time.

Sian Elvin, media officer at Warwick Jailbreak, said: “Basically we’re going to get a coach-load of students, blindfold them, drive them to a secret location and then leave them there.

Lost Poster“They will have no idea where they are, will be wearing fancy dress and need to get home without any money, all in the name of charity. We’re giving them hilarious challenges to complete along the way, too!”

The Community Venture has the aim of retaining the original Bath Place site for the community of Leamington, which burnt down in 2009.

The project will involve redeveloping what remains of the buildings, in order to preserve both its heritage and public function which include helping the homeless and the young. It is expected to cost more than £1 million.

Clayton Denwood, operations manager at Bath Place Community Venture, commented: “Warwick students and Bath Place Community Venture have a long history of working together, from the Law Society’s legal advice clinics to the Leamington Community Kitchen, and countless successful fundraising events.

“As a charity and voluntary organisation, we have always been able to count on the support and enthusiasm of the local student population, and hope to do so well into the future.

“We would like to extend our thanks to Warwick RAG and Jailbreak, and all the participants for offering the much-needed and welcome proceeds from Lost 2014. We wish all participants an amazing adventure.”

Students, who will be travelling in groups between two and five, hope that members of the public between the unknown location and Coventry will be generous in offering lifts even part of the way back to campus.

They can also attempt to gain free tickets on public transport if they so wish.

After being rescheduled due to the UK storms, the event will begin on Saturday 22 February at 9am, and will end at 9pm on Sunday 23 February.

The progress of the students can be tracked here, where participants will text in with their location.

The event can be followed on Twitter with the hash tag #GetLost2014, and the Facebook page can be found here.

The Bath Place Community Venture can be found on Twitter and here.

Every November Warwick Jailbreak launches its biggest event, Jailbreak, which requires students to get as far away from campus as possible in 36 hours, with no money.

In 2013 the event raised more than £20,000 for AICR SmartyPants and the winning students made it all the way to Lithuania.


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