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Controversies, particularly those which are current in the media, or issues which have made me angry.

Redefining the ‘lad’

Before I arrived at university, I had a fairly stereotypical view of what a ‘lad’ was: a man who tends to sit around watching nothing but the football all weekend with a can of beer in his hand, and only gets up to go off and play a round of golf every now and then (now I think about it, I have basically just described my dad). They’d do a few things worthy of a sigh (or a roll of my mum’s eyes) and occasionally get in trouble, but that’s about it.

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Does the Kindle spell the end for books in print?

About a year ago, I would have answered yes to the question I have proposed above, grabbed the aforementioned Kindle and thrown it back at Amazon in complete disgust. Fast-forward to present day and in fact, I would answer no, but interestingly enough would lovingly embrace the Kindle offered to me. I do believe that as a result of electronic books the popularity of the printed book is declining; but not altogether, and for some reasons I actually believe it is a good sacrifice to make.

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The fall of the NHS

When the NHS was established in 1948, it both was and still is the only system of its kind which gives an entire nation free healthcare. However, over the years various cutbacks have needed to be made and due to this and the changing needs of the UK’s population, I believe that the fall of the NHS is not too far over the horizon.

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Thatcher’s legacy – worth £10 million?

Concerning the death of Baroness Margaret Thatcher last week, I have kept quiet on the opinion front, which is rather unlike me. As I wasn’t even alive when she was in power, and I don’t know about any of her political decisions from first-hand experience, I don’t really feel like I have the right to comment on it. Anything I say would just be misinformed and probably make me sound like an idiot. Disregarding anyone’s political viewpoint, someone has died and people are grieving for her. She was a mother and a daughter and her family has the right to time alone, as any other family in the UK would be given.

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“He’s queer.”

A silly, snide little comment, but enough to ruin my evening, and continue to bother me for a few days.

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This country is rubbish

So I’m going to have a moan now about the state of the UK. And for once, no, I don’t mean politics, I don’t mean the recession, and I don’t mean the price of tuition fees. I am actually complaining about something every single one of us has an impact on, and can easily solve.

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