My favourite April Fool’s Day jokes

Social media and newspaper websites have been going absolutely crazy today with April Fool’s Day jokes, and I had been attempting to avoid my computer until midday. Of course I was sucked in to have a laugh at some of the hoaxes online though – but luckily didn’t fall for any!

I couldn’t resist putting together a list of my top five April Fool’s jokes:

1. Google

Google pulled out all the stops today with its introduction of Gmail Blue. It was a great watch as I wasn’t quite sure where the video was going, and then I realised it wasn’t really going anywhere at all – Google was simply changing the colour scheme of its mailbox to blue – excellent! The link on its homepage to Google Nose BETA was another great addition, with search terms such as ‘garlic breath’ and smelly fruit ‘durian’, and options to ‘transmit’ or ‘share’ the smell with others. Plenty of people were posting on Facebook saying they were actually sniffing their computer screens. Was it really that convincing?!

2. Twitter

Twitter also created a pretty unbelievable but funny blog post announcing its new two-tier service: ‘Twttr’, without vowels, and ‘Twitter’ with vowels. It promotes the idea of the letter ‘y’ being free, and the introduction of a five-dollar charge for those who wish to use vowels in their tweets. However, the idea of a bidding system to add an extra letter to the end of your tweet – to bring the length of a tweet to 141 characters – actually made me think that some people probably would pay just to make a longer tweet!

3. YouTube

YouTube’s announcement that it is to close the website and delete every single video after eight years, as it is going to announce the winner of its competition to find ‘the best video in the world’, shocked many in the comments section who said they “didn’t realise YouTube was a competition website”. If it had really carried out its promise to shut down the website and re-open it in a few years’ time only playing the winning video, millions would be outraged.

4. The Guardian

The Guardian launched its new ‘augmented reality’ spectacles this morning, known as the Guardian Goggles, which are meant to give users a constant stream of opinions and reviews “without the hassle of having to reach for their phones, or switch on their iPads”. Though naturally, the goggles only display opinions from Guardian writers, and have built-in anti-bigotry technology to block out opinions from others. The slogan “because life’s too short to think for yourself” certainly fits in well with the society of today!

5. The Telegraph

The newspaper’s report on the launch of ‘The Coalition – The Musical‘ made for a slightly more believable news story. Sir Cameron Mackintosh, who worked on Les Misérables, was reported to have said that he wanted to focus on the relationship between David Cameron and Nick Clegg, which is “a sort of love story that’s gone wrong”. The theatre- and culture-review style also made it all the more humorous.

Published by Sian Elvin

Journalist and editor from the UK.

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