The top internet April Fools of 2014

So I wasn’t going to do one of these this year, because I’ve been so busy with work experience this week. However, after popular demand (I’m not even joking!) I have decided to do a brief post on my favourite April Fool’s Day jokes of 2014. Sorry it’s a little late, but enjoy!

1. Google

Google pulled another classic out of the bag (or Pokeball?) this year by presenting us with an almost-believable advert on YouTube. Suggesting that they are recruiting only those who are Pokemon Masters was very amusing, and kudos to them for a great video.

They didn’t stop there either – you could actually catch Pokemon by clicking all over maps on Google! Amazing. I was actually rather upset to think that Google aren’t recruiting Pokemon Masters, because I know that I’d instantly get the job…

Their introduction of ‘Hoffbomb‘ and ‘Emojify‘ extensions to Google Chrome also deserve a quick mention. This company has certainly proved itself the King of April Fool’s Day.

2. Cadbury

Great one here from Cadbury, and their Photoshop efforts are particularly impressive. This was another upsetting joke for me, because not only did I see this whilst I was in the office absolutely starving, but because I do think it would sell very well. Cadbury, if you ever read this, please, please make the ‘Squegg’ happen!

Cadbury Creme Squegg

3. Domino’s

Another food-based joke which both made me hungry and made me chuckle. The ‘Edibox‘ is actually pretty funny, and made my head all twisty when I was wondering about a box within a box, within a box, etc. Unlike the Squegg however, I don’t think it would be a good seller, as it would contain far too much dough… Maybe I’m thinking about this a little too much, but an innovation in “snackaging” it was indeed!

Domino's Edibox


4. Google Naps

Not actually invented by Google, but Dutch-based creative agencies. New app ‘Google Naps‘ suggests the best places to sleep and nap, all over the world – especially in the Netherlands. Win!

Google Naps

5. BMW

And finally, this is the one I fell for. I thought I was so clever, flicking through the Times, thinking “they won’t catch me out!” … Well, they did, but not with an article. It was the BMW advert which promised a “force injection booster” to allow drivers to feel like they’re driving at top speeds at 20mph. “Wow,” I thought, “The things they can do with technology these days!”

BMW Force Injection Booster

Happy April, everyone!

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