Sian does Warwick Jailbreak

Warwick Jailbreak 2013Hey everyone!

Quick one from me – basically I am taking part in Warwick Jailbreak 2013 (see on Facebook and Twitter), and I am going to make an impassioned plea to you to please DONATE!

I am raising money for AICR (the Association for International Cancer Research) which is a great cause, and my minimum target is £70. Every little helps – even if you could donate just a tiny bit it would mean the world to me, my team and the charity.

So basically, my friend George Creasy and I have 36 hours and no money to hitchhike as far as possible away from Warwick campus. The event takes place on November 2 at 10am, and ends at 10pm on November 3.

We also have a number of challenges to complete along the way.

Thank you so much in advance. You can donate here, and see our team page here.

Wish us luck!

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