“My writing process” blog tour

I have been invited by the lovely Harriet Clifford to take part in the “my writing process” blog tour. She is an aspiring Literature student and journalist, and I met her when she became a writer for Kettle Magazine and she has since written for Eat More Cake and My Student Style. You can follow her on Twitter here.

So anyway, here goes. Four questions, four answers.

1. What are you working on?

My latest new project is becoming tech editor of brand new magazine Eat More Cake. As of course the magazine is a new start-up, the section is essentially my baby and I am aiming to develop and nurse the section. In order to do this I am required to write so I can establish a clear style for the section and increase its popularity, and also edit other articles for the section to ensure that they are of a consistently high quality. Over the summer I am going to start pushing on social media for more writers to add to the section.

2. How does your work differ from others of its genre?

The editor’s vision for the magazine is very simple – as little editing as possible so the writer’s opinion is not altered. Therefore although we of course make sure grammar, spelling, style and structure is correct, we try to ensure that these corrections are minimal so the writer’s post remains “theirs”, if that makes sense. I also like to keep explanation in the tech section as simple as possible, so it is light-hearted, easy to read and above all, entertaining.

3. Why do you write what you do?

This is an easy question. Because it is something that I’m interested in. Technology develops so quickly and nowadays there are so many new gadgets, systems and apps to get stuck into. The possibilities are endless and I absolutely love it when I see a new gadget – like this printer that makes edible fruit (!) – and just think, “Wow”. I also enjoy exploring the impact of new technologies on society, for example, how the edible fruit printer could one day help third-word countries and how Google’s self-driving cars could change the way we travel.

4. How does your writing process work?

I work mostly through intuition. As mentioned above, I need to be writing about something that I’m interested in. If I can’t start writing immediately about the article that I’m starting, it probably won’t be very good and may be forced. If I have this kind of writer’s block for an article I either ditch the idea completely, or try it another day if I think my block is more general. I then write in a flow as it comes to me, not worrying too much about structure or style. When I’ve finished a rough draft, I go back over it, and stylise and structure it properly whilst I’m proof-reading. Upon my next reading I check my starting sentence and final sentence too, as I believe these are most important.

Next up I am nominating Aysh Banaysh to take part in the “my writing process” blog tour. I also met her when she started writing for my section over at Kettle, and she is the chief editor of Eat More Cake and a massive cat lover. Follow her on Twitter, she’s awesome.

Thank you Harriet and good luck Aysh! You have until Monday 7 July to complete the challenge.

Photo: lowjumpingfrog / Flickr

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