From year two to year three

So way back in September 2013, I wrote this blog post setting myself some challenges to achieve in my second year at Warwick University.

Now that I have officially finished second year, received my results and found out that I have actually passed to continue into the third year of my degree, I thought it would be appropriate to reflect on my goals, see how far I have come and re-evaluate, so I know what to aim for in my final year at university.

  • Work hard towards my degree. I achieved the 2:1 I aimed for, which I am seriously thrilled with after bombing my first year at university. Over the next year I want to keep this up and strive to do even better, and continue my clean record from this year of not writing the entire essay the day before it is due!
  • Continue to work hard for the Boar. I recruited the most incredible news team this year and with their help, not only did we have a successful year in terms of breaking news but they also made it so enjoyable. News won ‘Best Online Section’ at the Boar Awards, and I now have the position of deputy editor at the paper, which I will fulfil to its fullest potential over the next year.
  • Get involved with one more society on campus. I thought I would give WTV a go, which I did touch on briefly however, I got heavily involved in Warwick Jailbreak and am now on the executive team as media officer! I took part in the event back in November 2013 and got all the way to Poland (read about it here) and it motivated me to encourage other people to get involved. Bring on the next event in November 2014!
  • Get healthy. My diet has been far better this year – get this, I didn’t buy frozen rubbish like pizzas or chips all year! However, finding time for exercise was tough and it only accumulated into a run every now and then. Therefore over the summer I am getting heavily into exercise which I hope to continue at a more manageable level in my final year at Warwick. I am currently running twice a week, have joined the gym and am taking part in a pole fitness class. My aim for the end of summer is to go upside-down on the pole!
  • Work on managing my money. I wanted to create a weekly budget and stick to it – I may not have stuck to my weekly budget too well, but I have managed it so that more expensive weeks balance with cheaper weeks. All I need now is to earn some money over summer so I can keep going in my final year, then travel in summer 2015.
  • Go to bed earlier. I definitely went to bed earlier on the whole than I did throughout my entire first year. I made sure I got eight hours’ sleep through the exam period at reasonable times too, and I aim to continue this next year.
  • Focus on the responsibilities I already have. I wanted to make sure that I could work at my absolute best over the year in my degree as well as my extra-curricular activities, and I feel like I did balance both well. I will cut down on my extra activities over the next year though, to ensure I can focus on my degree properly in final year.
  • Develop my new sections. I am in charge of new sections for Kettle Magazine and the Student Journals, and now Eat More Cake. I feel I have developed these well over the past year and will continue to do so, especially at Eat More Cake as it is brand new!
  • Get to know new people. I have definitely done this, and am still getting to know a few new people, especially in the Boar. I cannot wait for the next year!
  • Maintain the friendships I already have. I believe I have done this, and have some very strong friendships from both first year and this past year. I am incredibly lucky.
  • Make enough time for family. I phoned home and my family regularly and popped home during Term 3 to surprise my mum for her birthday!
  • Don’t moan about buses. Okay, so maybe I failed at that one… The U1s drove me nuts. The system is apparently changing next year though, so we’ll see if I can improve on that one…
  • Go to another new country. I am going to Italy in September! I would like to go to a new country in my final year, too.
  • Watch more student theatre. I definitely did that this year – highlights of performances I saw included ‘Sweeney Todd’ and ‘Guys and Dolls’. Fantastic shows, congratulations Music Theatre Warwick. I can’t wait to see more next year.
  • Continue to watch Doctor Who. In all fairness the new series hasn’t started yet, so we’ll have to wait to find out if I manage this. I did see the 50th anniversary and the Christmas special though, so I’m doing well.
  • Bake more. I definitely did this – check out what I made here and here! I will be continuing baking next year.
  • Do something for charity. I raised more than £500 for charity overall this year through Jailbreak, a Snowdon climb and a sponsored silence. I am very chuffed, but want to smash this next year by getting more involved with RAG. Another space to watch!

I have no more to add except bring on final year. It will certainly be a good one!

Published by Sian Elvin

Journalist and editor from the UK.

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