#WarwickShakespeare creative project

So, it’s that time of year; I’m coming to the very end of my degree. And to finish it with a bang, I’ve decided to undertake an exciting creative project for the module on Shakespeare that I am currently studying.

That’s right, I’m running my own Shakespeare play… With a twist. I’m going to be putting on an interactive production of Othello on Twitter, no less!

The play will begin at 11am on Wednesday 25th March 2015, and end at roughly 3pm. You can subscribe to its Twitter stream here. You can also follow the characters of the play here: @OthelloWarwick, @IagoWarwick, @DesdemonWarwick, @CassioWarwick and @RoderigoWarwick.

Basically, I want as many people to interact with this performance as possible. I want you to tweet at the characters and try and mess with their heads, favourite and retweet things, and provide your feedback using the hash tag #WarwickShakespeare. The characters will be replying to your tweets, too! If you want some suggestions, just give me a nudge.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re interested in Shakespeare or not; in fact, the less interested you are, the better! This project is an experiment to see whether Shakespeare on Twitter actually works. Throughout this project I will be assessing and analysing three different strands:

  • Social media and performativity (comparing Twitter with the stage: in a similar way to actors, users of Twitter show the “audience” only what they want to be seen)
  • Educational potential (does Twitter provide new ways of looking at Shakespeare?)
  • Audience accessibility (could this increase the popularity of Shakespeare with people who wouldn’t normally engage with traditional plays?)

So whoever you are and wherever you’re from, please get involved – it’s going to be a lot of fun. There might be a few surprises along the way too, if you’re lucky!

See you online at 11am on Wednesday! Make sure you join the Facebook event here.

Photo: Getty / Twitter

Published by Sian Elvin

Journalist and editor from the UK.

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