Day 0: A new adventure

Uganda MapIt’s a bit of a strange feeling. I’m sat here in my room, bag packed, ready to set off on another adventure.

Around this time one year ago, my best friend Andy King sent me a message asking if I wanted to become an Adventure Leader for Warwick RAG, taking a group of university students across Uganda on a gorilla trek and volunteering project for charity East African Playgrounds. I said yes.

And many months, a record number of participants and £2,055 fundraised later, the day is finally here. I undertook a lot of challenges, including drinking a roast dinner, dressing up as a Christmas pudding and daring to walk across fire, but it feels like the long and daunting journey is finally over. When in fact, it’s only just beginning.

Exactly two years and one day ago, I returned from my journey across Central America. Looking back at my very first blog post, I clearly did not have a clue what I was doing. I’d never taken a flight alone before, let alone travelled to the other side of the world. I was extremely uncertain about a number of things in my life, especially the degree course I’d picked. I came back invigorated after thinking time and was more sure about my direction upon my return, but one thing stayed with me: in Central America I had seen a huge number of poor people. And couldn’t help them. So next time I travelled, I wanted to do something that was within my power to help.

This time around, I’m a lot more certain of myself. My experiences travelling have pushed me into unexpected situations and forced me to deal with them, I’ve finished the degree I was struggling with and I have plans for my future. I’m ready to lead a team of people across Uganda and make a difference.

In my first blog post travelling across Central America, I outlined what I expected from the trip. In this post, I’m not going to. I’m just going to let it happen.

I have no idea what my internet access is going to be like over the next three weeks or so, but I’ll update this blog as often as I can and tell you what I’ve been getting up to. Wish me luck and see you in another timezone – hopefully!

Published by Sian Elvin

Journalist and editor from the UK.

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