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The truth about student journalism

So if you’re a bit of a politico, keen on campus issues or just a genuinely nosey person, I’m guessing you pick up your student newspaper, or at least check out what is on its website every now and then. But do you ever wonder about the processes the publication actually goes through before it reaches your hands?

So I’m going to tell the truth about student journalism. From my experience, anyway.

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Thatcher’s legacy – worth £10 million?

Concerning the death of Baroness Margaret Thatcher last week, I have kept quiet on the opinion front, which is rather unlike me. As I wasn’t even alive when she was in power, and I don’t know about any of her political decisions from first-hand experience, I don’t really feel like I have the right to comment on it. Anything I say would just be misinformed and probably make me sound like an idiot. Disregarding anyone’s political viewpoint, someone has died and people are grieving for her. She was a mother and a daughter and her family has the right to time alone, as any other family in the UK would be given.

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