Five reasons you should go travelling

I recently made the choice to travel across central America this summer, and it was one of the biggest decisions I’ve ever made. It was hugely scary, considering I’m spending a massive amount of money on an unknown area and I’ll be without my friends! However, here are the reasons which convinced me, and I hope they’ll convince you.

1. It’s a welcome break

Sick of school, fed up of university or weary of work? Go travelling to get your mind off the daily chores. Whatever type of trip you decide to undertake, it’ll work somehow. You’ll either have such an amazing time that you’ll completely forget your workplace ever existed, but then you’ll be so exhausted as a result of your journey that you’ll gladly return to sleepy monotony. Or if you decide to visit a poorer country, you’ll be so grateful for having a good job you’ll return there with a new perspective on life.

2. Independence

If you’re a student in particular, you may feel like you’ve always relied on your parents to do your washing and cooking, or at the very least give you money to survive. Deciding to go backpacking or travelling for a month or so gives you complete independence, as you can’t really even call your family if you need to. You’ll be completely alone, with no help and no contact. Scary right? It’s actually completely exhilarating: you have no one’s rules to follow.

3. Meet new people

Whether you decide to go travelling alone, with a friend or in a group of strangers, you’ll always meet people you’ll never expect to. You’ll meet people who, like you, have decided to travel and who come from all over the world. You’ll have similar interests. You’ll meet locals who have completely different customs and values to you – some of whom you won’t get along with, and some of whom you surprisingly will. And when you meet someone from your own country, you’ll feel as if you’re naturally best friends because they remind you of home. You’ll open up to a variety of new people who perhaps originally you never would have spoken to.

4. The experience

Probably the main reason you’ll want to go travelling is just so you can experience different places, cultures and sights. You’ll get to do things you never had the chance to before – for example, I’m going scuba diving, white water rafting and climbing up volcanoes. You’ll probably visit a lot of different places very quickly and one after the other too, allowing you massive comparison between amazing terrains, for example sea, sand, city, mountains and the jungle. Whatever you want to do, you can do.

5. Make everyone jealous

Lastly, when you return, you’ll drive everyone mad. Your photos will be all over Facebook, and you’ll constantly talk about things you saw, people you met and the experiences you had. People will ask you what you did over the summer and when you tell them, they’ll be amazed.

Are you convinced? I certainly was. I suppose I’ll see you in America then…

Published by Sian Elvin

Journalist and editor from the UK.

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