Day 4: Roatan, Bay Islands


Today’s post is just a short one – there’s not a lot for me to say really, as we spent 13 hours travelling today! But I can confirm that I am now in paradise.

We had to take two buses and a taxi to get to the port in Honduras. The buses had no air conditioning so we were boiling hot, but we did have windows which made it more bearable. I read, slept and looked at the scenery and actually the time went pretty quickly.

The ferry wasn’t much different to when I have gone across the channel at home to France, except that the sea was choppier and more blue! Upon arrival at the La Quinta Inn I discovered a couple of things about Roatan – firstly that there are crabs EVERYWHERE, and also that as the island relies on hydroelectric power, there are random power cuts. We have already had two!

We didn’t have much of a chance to explore the island as we didn’t arrive until 7pm, so I will tell you more tomorrow. I went out for dinner with the group (I had lemon fish, yum) and then had a few drinks with Andrea, Teresa and Andy afterwards. Bring on the day of rest tomorrow – snorkelling and swimming in paradise!

Published by Sian Elvin

Journalist and editor from the UK.

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