Day 5: Roatan, Bay Islands


So today was my very first day in paradise, and I can assure you that I certainly have not been disappointed.

I got up early this morning so we could have a walk along the island and get to know the area. Roatan is absolutely stunning; it looks exactly like something you would take straight out of a travel brochure. Beaches with white sand, huts with hatched rooves, coconut trees – you name it, this island probably has it.

We had an excellent breakfast at a cafe ran by two women who I think were from Australia, and I got a bacon, egg and cheese muffin accompanied by an ‘island blend’ smoothie, which had pineapple and mango in it. After spending the majority of my time in Honduras and Guatemala trying to communicate in (extremely limited) Spanish, it feels very strange to be on an island which is predominantly English-spoken. Working in two currencies however can be very confusing – lempira and American dollars – as sometimes I pay in one currency and receive another as change!

After breakfast we walked to the beach on what Marvin said would be a 25-minute walk, but it seemed to be more like 45 minutes which involved a hell of a lot of climbing over rocks. The group and I were saying that it better had be a great beach! But it lived up to all expectations. We got free sun beds and wifi providing we bought a drink, so of course I ordered myself a (huge) piña colada and settled on the beach for an afternoon of sun. Although I re-applied sun cream numerous times over the day, I still burned. Sorry Mum!

I had burritos for lunch and six of us went on a banana boat off the back of a speedboat. It was absolutely fantastic, we got taken a far distance away so we had a great view of the beach and we were surrounded by fish. The colour of the sea is unbelievable: a deep blue fading into turquoise as you get closer to the beach. Nothing like England’s grey sea at all! It’s so warm too.

We have booked a trip in the morning to go snorkelling in the best spots, look for dolphins and go on the banana boat again, and for only 20 dollars too! It’s going to be great. I am currently having a drink in the bar and then we are going to watch the sunset on the beach and have some drinks.

Can’t wait for day two in paradise!

6 thoughts on “Day 5: Roatan, Bay Islands

  1. Sunburn? Tut tut!! The banana boat sounds fab have always wanted to go on one of those. Enjoy dolphin spotting it all sounds amazing am so jealous!! 🙂

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