A few goodbyes

Over the summer, I made the difficult decision to have to step down from some of my editorial positions before I start my finals this year (tomorrow, actually). I decided that holding six editorial positions was a little too much commitment if I want to do really well in my academic work, so for once, I put my degree first (I know, I’m just as surprised as you are). So today is my final day in my positions at the Student Journals, Kettle Magazine and Eat More Cake Magazine.

So here are a few small goodbyes – I’ll try not to cry!

The Student Journals 

TSJ is the first publication I joined external to my university back in January 2013, and I have stuck with them ever since because I really love the innovative idea that lots of different students from various universities can come together and create an even better student publication. Under the editorship of Amy and Siraj, the publication really has gone The Student Journalsfrom strength to strength and has grown in popularity. As a result of our emphasis on getting to know the team and joining it, among other things, TSJ won the Website of the Year Award at the Guardian Student Media Awards 2013. I had the privilege of attending it and had an absolutely fantastic time! I’ve had a tonne of experience from being with TSJ for a year and nine months; we had a complete redesign of the website halfway through too so I’ve gotten to grips with both WordPress and Joomla, as well as editorial system Camayak. I really need to say thank you to my amazing Good News team (Kat, Insaf, Sam and Sandeep); I could not have published so many articles of interesting and relevant content without you, and you’ve all been so committed. Not only was I given the opportunity by TSJ to launch this brand new section, but I’ve also become an absolute boss at finding pictures for obscure content.  It was lovely to meet some of the team last summer, too.

So yeah, thanks to everyone at the Student Journals – you’ve been an awesome team and will continue to be. Thanks for inspiring me to get involved with more publications outside university student media; there’s no way I would have done so much if it wasn’t for you lot.

Kettle Magazine

I started writing for Kettle in 2013 as well, and what I immediately loved about the publication was how inclusive it is, and how keen the writers are to interact with one another. The writers’ group on Facebook is both serious and silly, which makes for a nice balance – we chat about journalism, news and story ideas, as well as just generally winding one another up (cat memes are extremely popular…). After writing a fair few social media-Kettle Magazineorientated pieces, chief editor Leon got in touch about a year ago and asked if I’d be interested in setting up a brand new Social Media section. Always up for a challenge, I of course said yes – and I am so proud of the section as it is today. It genuinely became my baby, something which was tough to manage at first and I really struggled to work out where it was going. However after a few months I finally discovered the niche of the section, set up a couple of regular columns (the social craze has been particularly successful), and now I feel like it has blossomed.

I really have made some excellent friends through Kettle Magazine in particular (you know who you are!), as the community is so vibrant. I am sad to be leaving the madness but know I’ll be keeping in touch with you, and I could not be happier leaving the section in the capable hands of Ryan. And finally, I cannot wait to see the new, sexy website!

Eat More Cake Magazine

Last, but certainly not least, I have been editor of the Tech section for Eat More Cake Magazine since May. A very good friend of mine, Aysh, set up this publication entirely from Eat More Cakescratch, which I think is incredible. She asked me to get involved with the team, which I was very keen to do: launching another new section, hooray! I chose Tech as although social media has always been my niche, particularly over at Kettle, I have felt frustrated that I couldn’t look further into exploring technology without stepping on other editors’ toes. So Eat More Cake gave me the opportunity to do this, and I’ve really enjoyed writing about new technology and seeing what other writers find online. The internet truly is fantastic nowadays.

I am slightly disappointed that I didn’t have time to develop the EMC Tech section as much as I did with the Social Media section over at Kettle, but I do think I have given the section, and hopefully the entire magazine, a pretty good start. I really love Aysh’s direction for the magazine – that articles should only be edited where necessary to keep the opinion of the writer intact – and I cannot wait to see it blossom as a student website. I am so excited for the future of this magazine, and will miss it.

It is upsetting that I’m leaving all of this behind, but I know it’s the right decision. It’s time for new beginnings and new opportunities, and I know that from these publications, I’ve learned pretty much all I can. So thanks for all the experience you’ve given me, and well, here’s to the future. But remember, although this is goodbye, it’s certainly not the end. I’ll still be keeping an eye on you and staying in touch. You can’t get rid of me that easily… What else do you expect?!

Photo: woodleywonderworks / Flickr

Published by Sian Elvin

Journalist and editor from the UK.

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