Does the Kindle spell the end for books in print?

About a year ago, I would have answered yes to the question I have proposed above, grabbed the aforementioned Kindle and thrown it back at Amazon in complete disgust. Fast-forward to present day and in fact, I would answer no, but interestingly enough would lovingly embrace the Kindle offered to me. I do believe that as a result of electronic books the popularity of the printed book is declining; but not altogether, and for some reasons I actually believe it is a good sacrifice to make.

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Playing the time management game

When I decided that I would take an English Literature degree instead of a Journalism degree, I knew that I would be playing the time management game right from the very beginning.

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My favourite April Fool’s Day jokes

Social media and newspaper websites have been going absolutely crazy today with April Fool’s Day jokes, and I had been attempting to avoid my computer until midday. Of course I was sucked in to have a laugh at some of the hoaxes online though – but luckily didn’t fall for any!

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The importance of social media in journalism

Until I was well into my first term at university, I thought that Facebook was simply a distraction and an unwelcome form of procrastination. The same goes with Twitter – I only seemed to use it as a method for stalking a celebrity’s every move.

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This country is rubbish

So I’m going to have a moan now about the state of the UK. And for once, no, I don’t mean politics, I don’t mean the recession, and I don’t mean the price of tuition fees. I am actually complaining about something every single one of us has an impact on, and can easily solve.

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