Day 1-8: Building a playground in Uganda

It’s day 8 of my Ugandan adventure and finally, after more than a week of no electricity, let alone internet, I’ve finished my project with East African Playgrounds! Have a read of what I’ve been up to so far (oh, and Andy says hi).

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Day 0: A new adventure

Uganda MapIt’s a bit of a strange feeling. I’m sat here in my room, bag packed, ready to set off on another adventure.

Around this time one year ago, my best friend Andy King sent me a message asking if I wanted to become an Adventure Leader for Warwick RAG, taking a group of university students across Uganda on a gorilla trek and volunteering project for charity East African Playgrounds. I said yes.

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Completed: The Campus 50 Challenge

With graduation coming up in a couple of days, I’ve been getting all reflective. And those reflections brought me back to a little idea that myself and a friend had in first year, that became something ultimately much bigger. A campus bucket list.

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Sian runs a half marathon

So here we are. If you’re reading this, you’ve met me on the other side. My aches and pains have (almost) faded away and I’m finally feeling a little more human. At the weekend I managed to tick off a huge item on my bucket list – I ran the Shakespeare Half Marathon in Stratford! And not only that, but I completed it in the time of 2:18:27, which I’m incredibly happy with.

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Sian goes ape in Bedgebury

Anyone who knows me even a little should have some idea about how much of an adrenaline junkie I am. I mean, I did a bungee jump in Central America, for goodness’ sake.

So when I (along with my bestie Becca) was offered the chance to visit Go Ape in Bedgebury, Kent and try out their Tree Top Adventure, I jumped at the opportunity, having missed that adrenaline rush as of late.

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Iago’s secret blog #7

That’s it now; I’ve rubbed Roderigo so raw he’s almost to the bone. He’s angry. He is so angry. Whether he kills Cassio or Cassio kills him, or they both kill one another, makes no odds to me. I don’t care. Any which way, I gain.

But really, they must both die. If Roderigo lives, he’ll want back all the jewellery that I took for him, pretending that they were gifts for Desdemona. If Cassio survives, he’ll be a daily beauty which makes me ugly, and he and Othello may figure out my deception.

No, either way honest Iago will ensure they’re both dead.

Be it so.

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Iago’s secret blog #6

Oh, you’re going to love this one, honest Iago. So I’ve told Othello that I’m going to talk to Cassio about Desdemona while the Moor hides in the corner and watches the conversation.

Little does Othello know that actually, I’m going to question Cassio about his relationship with the prostitute Bianca! She dotes on him but Cassio looks down upon her, and can do nothing but laugh when he hears her name.

Othello will see Cassio grin and joke, and think it’s about Desdemona. Poor little Cassio, being taken the wrong way. Othello’s going to go just mad.

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Iago’s secret blog #5

Hahaha, perfect. Opportunities have played straight into my hands here… Desdemona dropped her handkerchief, and who picked it up but my wonderful, whorish wife.

So now all I need to do is drop this napkin in Cassio’s room, and voila! He’ll pick it up, Othello will find out, and all hell will break loose. After all, he’s already going a little crazy… Time to feed him more poison. Well done, clever, honest Iago.

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Iago’s secret blog #4

And you think that honest Iago is playing the villain? Haha, don’t be silly. The advice I gave Cassio to have a chat with Desdemona was good and true – it’s the best way for Cassio to get his position as lieutenant back.

But remember, when devils want to do their worst, they like to seduce people with seemingly heavenly acts.

Instead, as Desdemona tries to help Cassio get his position back from the goodness of her heart, I will convince Othello that it’s because she wants Cassio. That’s right; manipulation is the key. So firstly I need to get my wife to arrange a meeting between Desdemona and Cassio, and secondly, I need to get Othello out of the way to make it appear that they’re meeting in secret. Chop chop, there’s no time for delay.

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Iago’s secret blog #3

All I need to do is get Cassio to drink and make him drunk as quickly as I can. That way, he’ll be filled with quarrel and rage – as offensive as a dog. Lovesick Roderigo, along with the other guests, will be very present in the public eye to watch the fallout.

Oh yes, you clever, honest Iago; what a fantastic idea!

Yes, yes. Now among this flock of drunkards I am going to release Cassio, force him into some action and kick-start my revenge. You just wait and see.

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